Gmail Attachment Extractor

2020欧洲杯体育投注网Mail Attachment Extract and Download for Gmail:

Extract mail attachments from your Gmail mailbox and save them on your device automatically.

Download any or all email attachments from your Gmail messages.

Features:Extract and Download Gmail attachments

  • Choose any Gmail account configured in your device.
  • Filter by “From:” email – Only extract attachments received from a known sender.
  • Message Range – Enter email message number in From and To boxes. Choose email message numbers from which to extract the attachments. For eg: between emails from 100 and 500
  • Filter between dates – Enter date of received emails and extract attachments received within a date range.
  • Message Size – Extract attachments only from emails less than or greater than a particular size. You can enter email size either in KB or MB.
  • Select mail Folder – Select a mail Folder to extract the attachments from emails in that folder. Choose Inbox or any Label from your Gmail to extract attachments.
  • You can see the extraction progress anytime in the Notification area of your device.
  • Privacy: Safe and secure as your account credentials are with Google. No personal information is collected.